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The Draw from Holster Clinic will transition students from basic fundamentals of pistol shooting to effectively and efficiently drawing from the holster and getting the first shot on target safely and quickly and effectively. We will master the basic open carry draw and concealment draw.

Competence breeds confidence. To be more confident in your abilities, follow-on training is needed to build on the fundamentals and is crucial in the development towards effective self-defense practices.

Prerequisites: Basic Handgun Class or equivalent

Course Fee: $100

Time: 9:00 am to 1:00 pm

Classroom Time: 2 Hours

Range Time: 2 Hours

Required Round Count: 100 Rounds

*Please ensure you are following all VA state laws for the transportation of firearms. You must bring your own firearm. NO LIVE AMMO will be allowed in the classroom. *

We will cover:

  • Safety Rules and Safe Handling Procedures
  • Review of basic skills
  • How to choose a holster
  • Proper holster placement
  • Hazards of improper carry and Re-holstering
  • Proper access and draw from the holster
  • Recover to holster safely
  • Effective dry draw drills for home use to help develop proficiency

What to Bring:

  • A reliable firearm that is cased and unloaded
  • 2-3 magazines
  • 100 rounds of practice ammunition
  • Sturdy belt designed to support your holster and handgun
  • A sturdy outside the waistband or inside the waistband holster that attaches to a belt, molded for your gun
  • Eye protection, Ear Protection (electronic suggested)
  • Ball cap
  • Yourself, and a good attitude

If you need equipment recommendations for this class, please contact us.


Stafford, VA 22554

(571) 466-0690