What Our Students Are Saying About Lioness Defense

Joden and I had an amazing experience learning how to handle and shoot firearms with Monique today. I had never shot a gun before, but I left our session feeling confident and comfortable. She is a great instructor and I feel lucky to have worked with her for the day.
Alexus U.

What a fantastic experience learning how to handle and shoot firearms today. It’s been quite a while since I’d been shooting. I felt super comfortable and confident after this class !! Very informative and entertaining with jokes along the way! Thank you very much!

Amanda F.

I *HIGHLY RECOMMEND* firearms instruction with Monique Clarke of Lioness Defense Firearms Training! I attended the Basic Pistol Class for Concealed Carry training and it was OUTSTANDING !! It’s an eight (? hour training with a classroom session that teaches firearm mechanics and safety in the morning followed by a live fire qualification course at a gun range in the afternoon. To be honest, I didn’t even notice the length of time. Monique is a very engaging instructor. Moreover, classroom instruction has both a lecture component and a practical application component. Monique is also very knowledgeable and patient. Her instruction style aligns with Lioness Defense’s mission: “We aim to empower.” The class exceeded my expectations. I sincerely appreciated the small class size that allowed for personal attention to each participant and two-way interaction. I was BEYOND SATISFIED.
To be honest, I was quite nervous before the class. While I had some experience with firearms, I had not handled a firearm in about a decade when I signed up for the class. This class was truly a Godsend! It was *just* what I needed! I sat in class and just kept saying “Thank you Lord for sending me here.” Not only were my knowledge, skills, and abilities refreshed, I learned and experienced new things that will serve me long after this class. I sincerely appreciated the wisdom and practical advice Monique and hr site support shared during the class.
After the class, I am no longer nervous! I left the class feeling truly EMPOWERED!! I have the knowledge and confidence required to resume my firearms training and safely handle a firearm as I practice. I look forward to follow-up instruction!
I’ve promoted Lioness Defense Firearms Training to everyone I know who is a gun owner (or considering purchasing a gun in the Commonwealth of Virginia). If you have the opportunity to receive instruction from Monique Clarke of Lioness Defense Firearms Training, DO IT!
Sable N.

Highly recommended taking the offered courses if you want a good foundation for whatever firearms skills you desire. I took the beginning course and learned more about firearms and the correct skillset than I have in my entire life.
The instructor is very knowledgeable, promotes a safe, interactive, fun, and positive class environment. They are very patient and knowledgeable on the subject firearms protection and usasge. Not to mention they readily offer proof of certification for class members if they should have any questions/concerns.

If I could recommend more stars I would. I was apart of the all Womens concealed carry class.The instructor was professional but approachable, and the encouraging environment made it easy to ask questions without worrying if it was considered dumb or not. With how engaging the instructor was with the students the classroom section flew by. I personally enjoyed the videos included with some parts of the class. When we got out to the range, each step was broken down to a level those with and without experience could understand. Once we all qualified, we finished the day doing fun drills with targets we were able to take home. Over all it was a great class and I personally will be recommending it to everyone l know.

Kya L.

Had a good time and learned some information I did not know before hand. It is an 8 hr class but it goes by fast and smooth. She had guns to rent and ammo of course for an extra fee and everything is up front unlike some others that say one price but have a bunch of hidden fees and conditions (like not being able to use your own firearms). I got to use my own gun I have been practicing with and she made the live fire part fun and enjoyable. Thanks Monique!
Brandon L.

As a Marine and expert shooter of 18 years, I thought I was quite knowledgeable of shooting. Today I walked away with more knowledge and confidence by just taking this course in one day than I’ve ever learned as a Marine!!! I’d highly recommend and encourage all law abiding citizens to take this course immediately.
Deon C.

AMAZING course. Instructor was extremely knowledgeable and patient for my beginner level. Gained lots of useful helpful information that will be pertinent and applicable as a responsible concealed carry patron. Overall, VERY satisfied and looking forward to attending any course that Lioness Defense Firearms Training offers.

Regina S.

Stafford, VA 22554

(571) 466-0690